Call for Articles: Special Issue of Journal of American-East Asian Relations

March 25, 2007

Call for Articles: Special Issue of Journal of American-East Asian Relations
From: Professor Dong Wang

“Christianity in China as an Issue in the History of United States-China Relations”

The Journal of American-East Asian Relations publishes cutting-edge academic articles on trans-pacific international relations with a world-wide readership in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Contributions are sought from scholars in all fields of the social sciences and humanities for a special issue of the Journal, entitled “Christianity in China as an Issue in the History of United States-China Relations.”

Characterized by some researchers as “the fastest growing wing” of the evangelical movement today, Chinese Christianity has been one of the main sources of exchange and controversy in the relationship between the United States and China. Taking stock of the rich body of literature on the history of Christianity in China, especially in the area of state-church relations, the indigenous church, and missionary enterprises, this special issue aims to further the current scholarly discussion at a new level. To this end, we are interested in original articles of up to 8,000 words which locate Christianity as an international and local issue through the historical consideration of diplomatic, political, economic, social, military, theological, religious or cultural interplay.

Centering upon mutual ties across the Pacific, essays might explore-but are not limited to-topics which address the following questions:

1. Since the first contact between the two nations in the late 18th century, how have the actions, perceptions, expectations, and representations of Christianity shaped the two-way Sino-American encounters in light of both Chinese and English-speaking perspectives?

2. How did American evangelical imports become part of the Chinese scene through resistance, involvement, accommodation, adaptation and collaboration? What were the links between American Christian enterprises and the local realities in which they were set?

3. What role did Christians and Christianity play in American and Chinese literary or political discourse at a particular historical and cultural moment?

4. How was the “China evangelical cause” promoted and marketed in America? How did Christian presence and experience in China change Christianity in the United States?

This special issue is planned for publication in summer 2008.

Inquiries and manuscripts should be sent to the Guest Editor of the special issue by December 1, 2007:

Dong Wang (Guest Editor and Associate Editor of the Journal of American-East Asian Relations)
Associate Professor of History
Executive Director of East-West Institute of International Studies
Gordon College
Wenham, MA 01984
Tel: 001-978-867-4842
E-mail Professor Wang

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