“Asian-American History in Trans-national Perspective” special issue of Pacific Historical Review, Vol 76: 4

There is a special issue of the journal Pacific Historical Review called “Asian American History in Transnational Perspective” (Vol 76, Iss 4) that has just been published by University of California Press.

Pacific Historical Review:  Special Issue on Asian American History in Transnational Perspective, Volume 76, Number 4

The award-winning Pacific Historical Review, edited at Portland State University, announces the publication of “Asian American History in Transnational Perspective.”  Transcending national boundaries but noting the importance of the nation state, a variety of voices informs this insightful volume, thoroughly and thoughtfully infusing life into the study of world-wide movements of Asian people.

Eight thought-provoking essays adopt a transnational perspective in exploring issues of race, nationality, gender, and class inherent in the Asian American migrant and immigrant experience, frequently shifting the primary focus from land to water, from “the West” as defined by movement from the east to a region defined by its links across the Pacific.

Mae Ngai introduces the four main articles on the Asian American experience in transnational perspective

Erika Lee discusses the movement and settlement of Chinese, Japanese, and South Asian immigrants throughout the Western Hemisphere and exclusionist movements that evolved in response.

Dorothy Fujita-Rony considers the Pacific Ocean as significant historical space in Asian American communities.

Judy Tzu-Chun Wu examines the “Radical Orientalism” that developed through transnational ties between American and Asian activists during the Vietnam War.

Paul Spickard questions how what we think we know about Asian America would change if we widened the lens on how we define the Asian American coalition.

Thomas Bender and David Igler offer commentary on the four essays and consider new directions in this exciting and rapidly developing field.

Krystyn Moon examines the careers of three Asian American performers in her review essay on new trends in Asian American biography.

Published by the University of California Press, this special issue follows in Pacific Historical Review’s over 75-year tradition of analyzing historical events with a uniquely “Pacific” perspective. Full of rich, useful information, this issue of the PHR will be of great value to teachers and scholars of Asian America, immigration history, American, Western, and Pacific Rim history, and ethnicity, nationality, and civil rights in a global context.

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Nick Lindsay
University of California Press

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