cfp: Gender, Religion, and Migration (deadline Jan. 30, 2008)

Call for Papers for a Book Proposal

Title of Project: Gender, Religion and Migration: Pathways of Integration


The convergence of religion and migration remain contested in a globalized yet security-braced world. Since 9/11 there is a heightened awareness of the role of religion in the dis/integration of immigrants in western societies. Often than not religion is used as benchmark on the immigrants’ capacities to adapt to the perceived norms in host societies.

While mostly viewed as outside the purview of state control and regulation in liberal democracies, religion plays an integral aspect of the migration and settlement process of immigrants in multiethnic societies. Religious institutions and their social networks are increasingly becoming the first point of contact among newcomers. Women and men have differing experiences in the migration process and how they make use of faith-based beliefs and practices in their settlement and integration is the focus of this book project. The transformative potential of religion in migration suggests a need for a closer examination of these two most contested themes to promote possible partnership towards social cohesion.

We are seeking submissions of interest from scholars and practitioners working on migration and religion. We aim to highlight the often missed connection of the positive role of religion and faith-based communities in facilitating varied integrative ways of belonging for immigrants. Case studies from different parts of the world are most welcome. We endeavour to provide a global perspective on the intersection of religion and migration in our highly gendered lives.

Submit the title of your proposed paper with a 300-word abstract and short bio in word format to Glenda Lynna Anne Tibe Bonifacio and Vivienne Angeles on or before January 30, 2008. Succesful contributors will be informed on or before February 25, 2008. Completed manuscripts should be submitted by May 30, 2008. Please direct queries to:

Glenda Lynna Anne Tibe Bonifacio, PhD
Women’s Studies Program
University of Lethbridge
4401 University Drive
Alberta, Canada T1K 3M4

Vivienne Angeles, PhD
Department of Religion
La Salle University
Philadelphia 19141 USA

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