SANACS publish an interdisciplinary journal.

SANACS Journal 2010

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Manuscript Submission Guidelines:

The SANACS Journal encourages and welcomes submissions that advance the Journal’s mission to disseminate scholarly studies of Asian North American Christianity.

Submissions are evaluated by a blind jury of qualified academic specialists.  The current jury of seventeen scholars are divided into six groups: Bible, Theology, Missiology, History, Sociology, and Praxis, though interdisciplinary studies are welcome as well.

The SANACS journal also publishes book, media, and exhibition reviews, though these are not jury reviewed.  Note that the SANACS journal does not solicit works focused on Christianity in Asia (unless explicitly relating to Asian North American Christianity) or works written by Asian North American scholars but lacking explicit attention to Asian North American Christianity.

Since submissions are blind reviewed, authors need not possess particular academic degrees ranks, or appointments.  However, all works should have a clearly academic focus that appropriately engages other scholarly literature.  Works that appear in the Journal identify authors only by name and institutional affiliation(s), and without degrees or titles.

Works need not be otherwise unpublished, but previously published works would have to be evaluated for appropriateness and availability before being considered.  Please inform us if your submission has been previously published.

Submissions may include charts and pictures, but these should be clearly essential to the work.  Any necessary permissions are the responsibility of the author.

Please submit your work as an email attachment in Microsoft Word format (*.doc, not *docx; and not as a *.pdf.).  Please use standard formatting (double spaced, one inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font for the body text).

We encourage footnotes rather than endnotes.  However, for literature citations, we encourage short form (author and year) with a full endnote bibliography of works cited.  (This simplifies formatting for publication.)  However we know some submissions may have already been formatted with long citations in the footnotes and will try to accommodate this.

Please help our blind review process by submitting your work thusly: your name should appear only on a cover page (could even be a separate 1-page document), which the jurors will not see.  Your submission proper should be anonymous, without your identity as the author appearing in any noticeable way.

Please also include at the top of the paper itself an approximately 100-word abstract following the title page to help the Journal assign submissions to jury members.  Articles should generally not exceed thirty (30) word-processed, double-spaced pages, excluding end matter.

Please send submissions to Russell Yee, Managing Editor, SANACS Journal,

If it is necessary send anything hard copy (including books for notice or review) please send to Russell Yee at 4044 La Cresta Avenue, Oakland, CA 94602-1731.  We will acknowledge the receipt of your work and try to make an editorial decision within fifteen weeks of its arrival.  Please feel free to inquire as to the appropriateness of possible submissions, especially works in progress.