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2014 AAG CFP: Geography of Religions and Belief Systems

Justin Tse (谢坚恒) is a Ph.D. Candidate in Human Geography at the University of British Columbia at Vancouver (UBC).  His research interests revolve around geographies of religion in the Pacific region. 

His recent book reviews of “His Dominion” and the “Yellow Peril” are featured in SANACS Journal #4, available HERE.

Justin K.H. Tse

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Geography of Religions and Belief Systems (GORABS) Specialty Group
Call for Papers
AAG 2014: Tampa

The AAG’s Geography of Religions and Belief Systems (GORABS) Specialty Group invites papers and session to be submitted for sponsorship for the AAG’s Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL in 2014.

GORABS promotes the use of religion as a geographical analytic. Historically, the group has focused on how religion impresses a human impact on the environment and vice versa. Complementing these environmental approaches, more recent work in geographies of religion have revealed that religion is a productive lens through which to understand and debate secularization processes, the intersection of religion in social identity formation, the role of religion in cultural processes of placemaking, and issues of religion in political geography. Geographers of religion are contributing to current conversations and challenges in race, gender, sexuality, age, migration studies, critical geopolitics, global development studies, political…

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