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Dr. Young Lee Hertig Comments on Korean Comfort Women

  “During the mid ’80s and early ’90s, I had been involved with Korean American panels with Korean comfort women. There was a Methodist female clergy woman who provided tireless leadership to awaken the public to advocate for their dignity and releasing their han. What was inspiring back then was how Japanese progressive leaders spearheaded the movement. Times really have changed after two decades of Japanese revisionist history distorting the truths about comfort women and blaming the victims.

Glendale Comfort Women Memorial. Photo Credit: Glendale News Press

Glendale Comfort Women Memorial. Photo Credit: Glendale News Press

These survivors face the last phase of their lives having bore these tormenting memories. Rather than offering them belated remorse and sympathy, several Japanese nationals and Japanese Americans chose to protest the installation of the Comfort Women’s Statue in Glendale Park! Marking the historical pain of comfort women who have lived so uncomfortably with shame, it is a small step that we can take. I am glad to know that despite the opposition, the citizens of Glendale proceeded to do the right thing.

Unhealed history haunts all of us. For this reason, I applaud these women coming out boldly and speaking up. May God grant you peace and justice before it’s too late.”

– Young Lee Hertig


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