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New publication: Christianity as an Issue in the History of U.S.-China Relations

From: Dong Wang

I am pleased to announce the publication of “Christianity as an Issue in the History of U.S.-China Relations” (pp. 185), a special volume of the Journal of American-East Asian Relations, edited by Dong Wang.

Table of Contents

1. Study of the History of Christianity in U.S.-China Relations: A New Departure? by Daniel H. Bays
2. Introduction to Christianity in China as an Issue in the History of U.S.-China Relations by Dong Wang
3. Union Theological Seminary and the Christian Church in China by Yihua Xu
4. Christianity, Academics, and National Salvation in China: Yenching University, 1924-1949 by Arthur Lewis Rosenbaum
5. The Christian Student Movement, YMCAs, and Transnationalism in Republican China by Charles A. Keller
6. Portraying Chinese Christianity: The American Press and U.S.-China Relations since the 1920s by Dong Wang
7. Protestantism in Twentieth-Century Chinese America: The Impact of Transnationalism on the Chinese Diaspora by Timothy Tseng
8. “Our Neighbors but Not Our Countrymen”: Christianity and the Chinese in Nineteenth-Century Victoria (Australia) and California by Ian Welch

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Dong Wang
Professor of History
Executive Director of East-West Institute of International Studies Gordon College
Wenham, MA 01984

Call for Papers: Journal of the Society of Asian North American Christian Studies

The Society of Asian North American Christian Studies is receiving submissions for its 2008 annual journal.  We seek:
–    Full-length scholarly articles in the fields of Bible, Theology, Missiology, Praxis, History, and Sociology
–    Book reviews
–    Data to help us assemble directories of ANA Centers and Institutes, ANA seminary faculty, and ANA doctoral students and dissertation notices.
Please contact the managing editor, Dr. Russell Yee, ryeeATisaacwebDOTorg.  Deadline for submissions: June 30. 2008