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New publication: Christianity as an Issue in the History of U.S.-China Relations

From: Dong Wang

I am pleased to announce the publication of “Christianity as an Issue in the History of U.S.-China Relations” (pp. 185), a special volume of the Journal of American-East Asian Relations, edited by Dong Wang.

Table of Contents

1. Study of the History of Christianity in U.S.-China Relations: A New Departure? by Daniel H. Bays
2. Introduction to Christianity in China as an Issue in the History of U.S.-China Relations by Dong Wang
3. Union Theological Seminary and the Christian Church in China by Yihua Xu
4. Christianity, Academics, and National Salvation in China: Yenching University, 1924-1949 by Arthur Lewis Rosenbaum
5. The Christian Student Movement, YMCAs, and Transnationalism in Republican China by Charles A. Keller
6. Portraying Chinese Christianity: The American Press and U.S.-China Relations since the 1920s by Dong Wang
7. Protestantism in Twentieth-Century Chinese America: The Impact of Transnationalism on the Chinese Diaspora by Timothy Tseng
8. “Our Neighbors but Not Our Countrymen”: Christianity and the Chinese in Nineteenth-Century Victoria (Australia) and California by Ian Welch

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Dong Wang
Professor of History
Executive Director of East-West Institute of International Studies Gordon College
Wenham, MA 01984