About Us

SANACS was formed in 2007 to provide a community for scholars who are interested in Asian North American Christianity. We are a part of a growing interest in the study of religion in Asian and Pacific North America.

At the 2006 AAR/SBL meetings, the Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity (ISAAC) received the “blessings” of pioneers and leading voices in Asian North American religious scholarship to organize a new inter-disciplinary scholarly society that focuses on Christianity in Asian and Pacific North American communities.

Though SANACS is an ISAAC initiative, we anticipate it will become a membership-governed organization by 2009. In the meantime, it will be administered by Dr. Russell Yee of ISAAC – who also serves as the Managing Editor for the SANACS Annual journal.

The initial annual membership fee is $45 ($25 for graduate students). Members will receive a copy of the SANACS Annual journal upon publication in the Fall. As a new initiative, SANACS will rely heavily on generous donors and organizational sponsorship for funding. So please give generously and encourage your organization to be a sponsor!

We would like this website to become a resource center for scholars and educators who are interested in Asian North American Christianity. Please post announcements, book reviews, and calls for papers here and check back regularly.

Charter 2008 SANACS Members:

Andrew Lee, ISAAC
Joyce Chan, Carey Theological College
Rossia Cheng, Logos Evangelical Seminary
Timothy Lee, Brite Divinity School
Daniel Smith-Christopher, Loyola Marymount University
John Wilson, Books and Culture
Joo Hong Kim, Joo Hong Kim Investment Advisors Inc.
Timothy Yee, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
Anna Lee, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Chloe Sun, Logos Evangelical Seminary
Joseph Chiu, Good Shepherd Christian Church
Jimmy Lin, Johns Hopkins University
Raymond Lee
Augie and Katharine Hsiao-Bau, MMBB
David Lui, The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation
Syngman Rhee, Union Theological Seminary/PSCE
Joy Huang, Fuller Theological Seminary
Ekron Chen, Logos Evangelical Seminary
Andy Ching, Crosspoint Chinese Church of Silicon Valley
Timothy Tseng, ISAAC
Joshua Paddison, UCLA
Steve Siu, Chinese Evangelical Church, San Diego
Steve Hu, Rutgers Community Christian Church
Daniel Eng, Talbot School of Theology
Wing Ning Pang, Christian Leadership Exchange
Kim Chan, Southeast Asian Christian Leadership Council
Kim Uyede-Kai, The United Church of Canada
Russell Yee, ISAAC
Steve Shyu, Harvest Church of New York
John Branner, Western Seminary
Robert Johnson, Central Baptist Theological Seminary
Carla Romarate-Knipel, Palmer Theological Seminary
Stephen Wong, Grace Community Covenant Church
Joseph Cheah, Saint Joseph College
Kirk Baker, Williamson Presbyterian Church/Syracuse University
David Park, Columbia Theological Seminary
Albany Lee, Evangelical Formosan Church of Nasa
Bruce Fong, Michigan Theological Seminary
Theodore Tin-Yee Hsieh, Judson University
Grace Barnes, Bakke Graduate University
Kirsten Oh, Fuller Theological Seminary
Young-Ho Chun, Saint Paul School of Theology
Paul Cho, KPCA College& Theological Seminary
Michelle Lim-Jones, New York Theological Seminary
Hyung Shin Park, Graduate Theological Union
Stephen Ray, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Diane Obenchain, Calvin College
Helen Rhee, Westmont College
Laura Mariko Cheifetz, McCormick Theological Seminary
Soong Chan Rah, North Park Theological Seminary
Jonathan Tan, Xavier University in Cincinnati
Mark Noll, Notre Dame University
Carolyn Stapleton, Chinese United Methodist Church (NYC)
Robert Johnson, Central Baptist Theological Seminary
John Wilson, Books and Culture (Christianity Today)
Elwin Rethinasamy, CIWRE – Concordia College, NY

2 responses to “About Us

  1. Congratulations on the start of the new Society! I look forward to the conversations and publications. I will attend the Academy of Homiletics at the end of the month. There are very few Asians in the Academy. I am also a member of the Evangelical Homiletics Society and there is a paucity of Asian presence there too.

  2. “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, “Here am I. Send me!’ ” {Isaiah 9:6}

    Invitation – OMF Mission Conference in Redwood City (April 25-26, 2008)

    Theme: “Glorifying God in Beijing and Beyond!”

    Register a group from your church or mission team today.

    Please download and print the attached brochure and group registration form on our web site

    Conference web site: http://www.us.omf.org/northwest

    Conference Inquiries: Dick Andrews 1.866.500.1248


    Adult: $48
    Student/senior: $38
    Adult Group (5 or more persons): $33/person
    Church Youth Group (any size): $45
    Early registration due date: April 15 (subtract $5 from registration fee – discount)

    Plenary Speakers:

    Dr. Patrick Fung – OMF General Director (Singapore)
    Tony Lambert – OMF Director of China Research (UK)

    Children’s Program: Win Our World children’s program with visiting missionaries.

    Location: Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City, CA .

    Conference inquiries: Dick Andrews dandrews@omf.org or 866.500.1248


    Christ’s Hands Reaching God’s World Prayer and Missions
    Dr. Patrick Fung, General Director OMF

    BridgeAsia Volunteers: Joining God-Right where you live to Reach East Asia
    Mark Bradley, U.S. Mobilization Director OMF

    International Information Technology (IT) Opportunities
    Ian Jeffery, International Information Technology Operations

    Mainland China Challenges Understanding Christ’s Complex Church in China
    Tony Lambert, OMF Director of China Research (Also in Mandarin)

    Reaching Amdo Tibetans (Tibetan Buddhism)
    Experienced developmental workers

    Mainland Chinese Returnee Challenges
    Andrew Wang, CEFOCM Staff (Also in Mandarin)

    Integrated Community Development in China with MSI Professional Services
    MSI staff (Also in Mandarin)

    Preparation of Workers
    Preparing yourself and your family for cross-cultural field work
    Drs. David & Lara Narita, OMF medical doctors in Cambodia

    Spiritual Warfare: Abuses and Deliverance
    Avril Vavrosky, OMF International

    Worship program led by the Berkeley Covenant Church worship team.

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