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Hello and welcome to the Asian American Christian Blogroll!
UPDATED June 27th, 2014
Inspired by Fred Clark’s BonfireQuilt and Mosaic projects, we’ve compiled a non-comprehensive list of Asian American Christian blogs.
The criteria is very simple:
1) The bloggers are Asian American or have some connection to/interest in Asian Americans
2) The bloggers are Christian or have some connection to/interest in Christianity.
There are no litmus tests as to theology, politics or popularity. We just wanted to put as many of us as we could find on one page and see how it looked.
If you are a blogger that fits the criteria or know someone who is, please let us know.
Recently added:
  1. AAWOL:
  2. Robyn Afrik:
  3. Andrew Alojipan:
  4. Asian American Christian dot ORG:
  5. Asian Indian Outreach Church:
  6. Jessica Buttram:
  7. Sam Chacko:
  8. Phillip Chan:
  9. Olive Chan and Tim Chan:
  10. Kenny Chee:
  11. Gordon Cheng:
  12. Patrick Cheng: and
  13. Andy Cheung:
  14. Peter W Chin:
  15. Eugene Cho:
  16. Theresa Cho:
  17. Christ Centered Church:
  18. Robert Chao Romero:
  19. Janemes Kimang:
  20. James Choung:
  21. D.J. Chuang:  
  22. Kye Chung:
  23. Cpt Thin, Chinglican, & Churl:
  24. Cricket:
  25. Judy Dominick:
  26. Daniel K. Eng:
  27. Justin Fung:
  28. Lauren Gibbs Beadle:
  29. Joseph Goh: and
  30. Nijay K Gupta:  
  31. Justine H:
  32. Grace Hsiao Hanford:
  33. Huan-Zung Hsu:
  34. Felix Huang:
  35. Lee Huang:
  36. Albert Hung:
  37. Daniel Im:
  38. David Ingland:
  39. ISAAC:   
  40. Tobias Issara:
  41. Kenny Jahng:  
  42. Skye Jethani:
  43. Krishk Kandiah:   
  44. Grace Kao:
  45. Jeff Kepeli:
  46. Kathy Khang:  
  47. Sam Kho:
  48. Mihee Kim Kort:  
  49. Grace Ji-Sun Kim:
  50. Kimchi Sauerkraut:
  51. Samuel Lam:
  52. Kwok Pui Lan:  
  53. Vivian Mabuni:  
  54. Helen Lee:  
  55. Leelanda Lee:
  56. David Leong:
  57. LOFT City Church – Dallas:
  58. Paul Matsushima:  
  59. Fred Mok:  
  60. Next Generation Asian Church:  
  61. Peter Ong:
  62. Esther O’Gen: 
  64. Jerry Z. Park:
  65. Wayne Park:
  66. Adrian Pei:
  67. Soong-Chan Rah:
  68. Adam Rao:
  69. Vinoth Ramachandra:
  70. Rant To The Cross:
  71. Bruce Reyes-Chow:
  72. John Saddington:
  73. Seven Mile Road – Philadelphia:
  74. Daniel So:
  75. Hans Sun:
  76. Irene Sun:
  77. Justin Tse:
  78. ReligioEthnicWired (Justin Tse):
  79. Sam Tseng:
  80. Tim Tseng:
  81. Trinity Monterey Park:
  82. What If I Stumble:   
  83. Pranny Xie:
  84. April Yamasaki:
  85. Joseph Yoo:
  86. Chunhee You:

30 responses to “AsAmChristian Blogroll

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  2. Thanks for including me on the list, such and great group of folks, but I now primarily blog over at Thanks.

  3. I would also add:, Lauren Gibbs Beadle, Filipina (also my sister and the better writer)

  4. Getting myself back to blogging. Please include me, thanks!

  5. Thanks! Gives me some motivation to actively blog.

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  7. I’m glad to be included in such great company and really appreciate the update – thanks!

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  10. Thanks for featuring my wife and my blog on your list! Thankful that there are many bloggers like us out there 🙂

  11. Hey all — I just added this list to the Christian bloggers on “Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading” list. GEt on over, find some other great blogs and vote this group up the list

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  13. Would love to add my (now sporadically updated blog) as well as Irene Sun’s ( and Hans Sun’s (

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  15. Can I give you a list of South Asian American bloggers that would be great on this list?

    Brice Johnson –
    Linson Daniel –
    Sam Chacko –
    Jason James –
    Jayson John –
    Samson Varughese –
    Andrew George –
    Charles Samuel –
    Krissy Thomas Smith –


    Seven Mile Road – Philadelphia:
    LOFT City Church – Dallas:
    Christ Centered Church:

  16. Add me? I think my first cue was too subtle. 😛

  17. would love to be added on here if yall can take a look:

  18. Wow, I just found this list! I’d be honored to be a part of it: Thank you!

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